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Waterproof Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor, Reversing Radar Sensor with Separate Probe

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  1. Integrated with wire enclosed waterproof probe, suitable for wet, harsh measurement occasions
  2. Small size, easy to use
  3. Operating Voltage: 5 V
  4. Sonar Sensing Range: 25-450 cm
  5. Max. Sensing Range: 450 cm
  6. Frequency: 40 KHz

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The module is capable of providing information of the objects between the distance range of 250 mm to 4500 mm. The great advantage of using this Waterproof Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor is you can put the sensing element far away from all the control circuitry.

This Ultrasonic Distance Sensor is an industrial-grade sensor to measure distance. Interfacing with it is the same as another cheap ultrasonic sensor, but it offers better performance and is compatible with harsher environments and is waterproof too! It can be easily interfaced with Arduino and Sample codes and projects are available.

There are many ultrasonic distance sensors in the market, but sometimes, this kind of sensor needs to work in vulnerable conditions. This Waterproof Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor meets this requirement. It has a good performance and almost the same usage of an HC-SR04 module.

Wiring : 

  • +5V(positive)
  • Trig(control)
  • Echo(receive)
  • GND(negative)
Application :
  1. Horizontal distance
  2. Obstacle avoidance, automatic control
  3. Traffic control
  4. Security, industrial control
  5. Artificial intelligence, and research.

Package Includes :

1 x JSN-SR04T Integrative Waterproof Distance Measuring Ultrasonic Sensor Module


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