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The lithium battery charger have voltage sensing circuits and a microprocessor controller to safely adjust the charging current and voltage, determine the state of charge, and cut off at the end of charge.

Ebike Battery Charger

24V 2.0A Lead-acid Battery Charger For Electric Bicycle Bike

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885.00 (Inc. GST)
750.00 (+18% GST Extra)
Dimensions 23 × 21.5 cm

48v 3amp Lead Acid Battery Charger

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2,100.00 (Inc. GST)
2,000.00 (+5% GST Extra)

60v 3amp Lead Acid Battery Charger

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2,152.50 (Inc. GST)
2,050.00 (+5% GST Extra)

Auto Cutoff 60V 3A Lithium-ion Ebike Battery Charger (67.2V Full Charging)

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2,205.00 (Inc. GST)
2,100.00 (+5% GST Extra)

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