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Solid State Relay G3MB-202P-5VDC 4 Pin 2A 240VAC SSR

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Specifications :

  • Small Size and Easier to use
  • Fast Switching rate and Low response time
  • Can be controlled by a microcontroller
  • Can Support upto 2A of continuous current


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Relays are used to control high voltage high current systems with your low voltage control inputs or to provide protection and electric separation between the systems. The normal Electromagnetic relays operate on principal of electromagnetism which is when a coil is energized it will behave as magnet to make connections in control line and when it is de-energized the connection is open. But this is not the case with Solid State relay which uses photocoupling for switching on and off the load. Its operation is faster than the normal electromagnetic relays and it can be used in applications like Switched Mode Power Supply and PWM control of motors and Servo Motor applications. It also smaller in size than conventional relays and can be packaged much more efficiently.

To use this Relay you need to connect the control input (number 3) pin to the 5V GPIO pin of the microcontroller board you are using and number 4 pin to GND and if 5V supply is on the there will be contact between number 1 and number 2 load pins.

Package Contents

1× Solid State Relay G3MB-202P-5VDC 4 Pin 2A 240VAC module


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