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QFN32 QFN40 SMD to DIP Adapter PCB Board-2Pcs.

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  1. Dimensions: 41 x 15.5 mm.
  2. Pitch Patch: 0.5 mm.

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This adapter board provides an easier connection with the use of a male pin header type. You can do tests using this adapter and it is useful when you have a chip and have not yet decided what connections you need.

QFN32 QFN40 SMD to DIP Adapter PCB Board is a very high-quality double-sided adapter PCB for QFN32 on one side and QFN40 on another side with 0.5mm pitch. with the ground plane. suitable for converting QFN32 and QFN40 chips into DIP32 and DIP40 packages for the easy prototype in the breadboard.

Package Includes:

2 x QFN32 QFN40 SMD to DIP Adapter PCB Boards


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