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SOIC To DIP 20 PIN Adapter-2pcs

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  1. The PCB board mounting 2.54 mm pitch Pin Header
  2. It can be plugged directly into a 2.54 mm pitch PCB board,
  3. 600mil width
  4. 20 pin DIP sockets.
  5. Tiny size
  6. 8 pin
  7. SOIC to adapter.

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SOIC To DIP 20 PIN Adapter is a Perfect for use with Arduino / Raspberry Pi or any microcontroller. This is a Double-Side PCB Circuit Board, Each PCB board has 20 pins. A side for pin pitch size 1.27mm, It can be used for most of the SO20, SOP20, SOIC20 to 2.54mm DIP. B side for pin pitch size 0.65mm, It can be used for most of the SSOP20, TSSOP20, MSOP20 to 2.54mm DIP.

8-Pin SOIC to DIP Adapter is a small PCB that lets you adapt SOIC packages into a DIP footprint. These are useful for modding and upgrading devices that use 8-pin DIP ICs, when the upgraded IC is only available in a SOIC footprint. You can also use it for prototyping, to make SOIC packages compatible with solderless breadboards.

Package Includes:

2 x SOIC TO DIP 20 PIN Adapter


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