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Photosensitive Resistor Sensor Module for Arduino

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  1. The photosensitive device, its photocurrent increases with the applied voltage.
  2. the temperature coefficient. Photoelectric effect photoresistor influenced by temperature, partial photoresistor optoelectronic at low temperatures
  3. Higher sensitivity, whereas the sensitivity at high temperatures, are lower.
  4. rated power. Refers to the rated power for a certain line photoresistor allowed power consumed when the temperature rises.
  5. High, its power consumption is reduced.
  6. According to the spectral characteristics of the photoresistor has three photoresistors: Ultraviolet photosensitive resistance, infrared light-sensitive resistors, Visible photosensitive resistance.

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This is a High-quality photosensitive sensor module/light module that detects the photosensitive resistor for Arduino. The photoresistor module detects light intensity. As the intensity of light on the photoresistor increases, so the resistance of the photoresistor decreases. A built-in 10k resistor on the module can be used to build a divider circuit for measuring changes in light intensity from the photoresistor. A device such as an Arduino can be used to read the light intensity using an analog input pin.

Photo Resistor Module Connections to Arduino:

  1. Pin 1 (S) of the module connects to an Arduino analog input pin. Arduino analog input A0 is used in the sketches below but can be changed.
  2. Pin 2 of the module connects to the Arduino GND pin.
  3. Pin 3 (-) of the module connects to the Arduino 5V pin

Package Includes:

1 x Photosensitive Resistor Sensor Module LDR


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