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5 Pin Round Shell Type Connectors Male-Female

70.80 (Including GST)

60.00 ( + 10.80 GST)


  1. Number of Pins: 5
  2. Voltage: 2/3/4 pin: 400 Volts, 5/6/7/8/9/10 Pins: 250 Volts
  3. Current: 5 Ampere
  4. Environment Temperature:-50~+70C
  5. Relative Humidity: The temperature is + 40C could reach 98%
  6. Types Available: 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 pin
  7. Material: Metal
  8. Weight: 30 gms

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This is a 5 pin Mini Round Shell (MRS) Aviation Plug socket Connector. This connector is also called as Metal Connector, Mini Round Shell Connector (MRS Connector), GX16 – 16mm connector.

The GX series is suitable for electrical connection between instrumentation equipment and electronic equipment, the interconnection between wires and cables, or wall partition connection. GX series threaded connection, stable electrical conductivity, and a certain degree of waterproof function, safe and reliable, first applied to the aviation field to meet the moving or vibration environment requirements. With the development of production technology and the reduction of costs, the civilian sector has begun to apply universally. Is now widely used in aviation, navigation, computer, communications, petroleum exploration, navigation, anti-theft devices, transportation, machinery and electronics, and other fields.


  • Used widely in aviation
  • data acquisition systems
  • inclinometer
  • computer automation measurement and control systems  audio/video
  • test and measurement
  • communications

Package includes:

  • 1 piece 5 Pin Male Connector
  • 1 Piece 5 Pin Female Connector


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