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JKD2060H Stepper Motor Driver


1、 High-performance, low price
2、 micro-step
3、 Automatic idle-current reduction
4、Optical isolating signals I/O
5、 Max response frequency up to 200Kpps
6、 Low temperature rise, smooth motion
7、Online adaptive PID technology


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Feature summary:High-performance, low price, micro-step, Automatic idle-current reduction, Optical isolating signals I/O, Max response frequency up to 200Kpps, Low temperature rise, smooth motion, Online adaptive PID technology.

Product Overview:

The JKD2060H is a new generation digital 2-phase stepper motor driver, based on a 32-bit DSP processor, combination of the anti-resonance, low noise, micro-step and low temperature rise technology significantly improve the performance of the stepper motor, has low noise, small vibration, low temperature rise and high-speed torque. The driver use online adaptive PID technology, without manual adjustment can be automatically generated optimal parameters for different motors, and achieve the best performance.

Supply voltage range from 18VAC to 80VAC or from 24VDC to 110VDC, suitable for driving various 2-phase hybrid stepping motors which phase current below 7.2A. The microstep can be set from full step to 51200steps/rev and the output current can be set form 2.4A to 7.2A; with automatic idle-current reduction, self-test, overvoltage, under-voltage and over-current protection.

Product Parameters:

Parameter Min Typical Max Unit
Input Voltage(DC) 24 110 VDC
Input Voltage(AC) 18 80 VAC
Output current 0 7.2 A
Pulse Signal Frequency 0 200 KHZ
Logic Signal Current 7 10 16 MA



Suitable for a variety of large-scale automation equipments and instruments. For example: labeling machine, cutting machine, packaging machine, plotter, engraving machine, CNC machine tools and so on. It always performs well when applied for equipment which requires for low-vibration, low-noise, high-precision and high-velocity.

1、Current setting:

RMS Peak SW1 SW2 SW3
2.00A 2.40A on on on
2.57A 3.08A off on on
3.14A 3.77A on off on
3.71A 4.45A off off on
4.28A 5.14A on on off
4.86A 5.83A off on off
5.43A 6.52A on off off
6.00A 7.20A off off off


Standstill Current Setting:

SW4 is used for standstill current setting. OFF meaning that the standstill current is half of the dynamic current; and ON meaning that standstill current is the same as the selected dynamic current. Usually the SW4 is set to OFF, in order to reduce the heat of the motor and driver.


2、Microstep Setting:


Step/Rev SW5 SW6 SW7 SW8
Default on on on on
800 off on on on
1600 on off on on
3200 off off on on
6400 on on off on
12800 off on off on
25600 on off off on
51200 off off off on
1000 on on on off
2000 off on on off
4000 on off on off
5000 off off on off
8000 on on off off
10000 off on off off
20000 on off off off
40000 off off off off


3.Connectors and Pin Assignment:

Control Signal connector
Name Description
DIR- Direction signal negative
DIR+ Direction signal positive
PUL- Pulse signal negative
PUL+ Pulse signal positive
 ENA- Enable signal negative, usually left unconnected(enable)
ENA+ Enable signal positive, usually left unconnected(enable)


4、Power and Motor Connector:

AC Power supply

+24~+90 VDC or 20V-60VAC

A+ Motor phase A
B+ Motor phase B


5、 Problems and Solutions:


problems Possible cause solutions
Motor is not rotating No power supply Check the power supply
No control signal Check the control signal
The driver is disabled Don’t connected the enable signal or enable the driver
ALM lights Supply voltage is too high or too low Check the supply voltage
Motor line short-circuit Check motor lines eliminate the short-circuit
Motor line wrong connect Check the motor wiring
Motor or drive failure Replace the motor or drive
Motor rotates in the wrong direction Motor phases connected in reverse Reverse  the phases line
Motor line break Change the phases are connected
Inaccurate Position The Micro steps set incorrectly. Set the correct segments
The motor load is too heavy. Increasing the current
Control signal is interfered Eliminate interference
Motor Stalled Power supply voltage too low Increasing the supply voltage
Accelerating time is too short. Extend the acceleration time
Current setting is too small Increasing the current
Motor torque is too small Replace the motor







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