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JKBLD750 Brushless DC Motor Driver

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  • DC Power Input: 24V -48V
  • Rated Current: 25Aamp
  • Max Current: 45Amp
  • Hall Sensor angle: 120°/240°

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Mechanical Size:

bldc motor driver

Functional Overview:

The JKBLD750 BLDC motor drive is a high performance, cost-effective 3phase BLDC motor drive, which can provide power output Max 750VA.The design is based on advanced DSP technology and feature high torque, low noise, low vibration, PID speed loop, PID current loop, over current protection, over load protection and a combined use of manual speed adjustment and automatic speed adjustment.

Connection Definition:

DC+/DC-DC Power Input  (DC24V~DC48V)
U,V,WMotor Lead Wire
Hu,Hv,HwHall Sensor Lead Wire
REF+Hall Sensor Power Supply +
REF-Hall Sensor Power Supply –
VCCExternal Potentiometer Power Supply ( Internal  Power Supply  Only)
SVExternal Potentiometer ( No Connection When Adjusting  Speed With Internal Potentiometer ) or Pulse Rate In       Note①
COMCommon (Low Level/Ground)
F/RDirection:  Low Level/CCW   High Level or No Connection/CW  Note ②

Enable:  High Level/Stop  Low Level/Run      Note ②


Quick Brake:  High Level/Stop  Low Level/Run      Note ②

SPEEDSpeed Signal Output
ALARMAlarm Signal Output

Note①: Potentiometer/10KΩ or analog signal DC 0V~+5V (Change

internal switch J1/DC0-10V).Turn off the internal potentiometer  RV

when using an external potentiometer to adjust the motor speed.

Note②:High level/5V (5mA)

Electrical Specifications

Motor Hall Sensor Angle120°/240°     /
DC Power Input184850V
Drive Current Output02545A
Suitable Motor Speed0      /20000rpm
Hall Sensor Voltage4.555.5V
Hall Sensor Current     /20      /mA
External Potentiometer     /10K      /Ω

Speed Adjustment Instruction:

◆ Motor Speed Adjusted By The Internal Potentiometer RV:

SW1/ Off (Factory setting)


 Motor Speed Adjusted By Analog DC 0V~+5V Input:

SW1/ Off (Factory setting) set J1 (internal) as bldc motor driver (user Setting)   RV—Turn Off


◆ Motor Speed Adjusted By Analog DC 0V~+10V Input:

SW1/ Off (Factory setting) set J1 (internal) as bldc motor driver (user Setting)   RV—Turn Off


 Motor Speed Adjusted By Pulse Rate Input:

Pulse rate: 0K—3KHZ Speed linear modulation

Pulse amplitude: 5V   Pulse duty ratio: 50%

SW1/ On (User setting)      RV—Turn Off

J7 (Internal)/ Switch on with the jumper cap on J1 (User setting)


◆ Motor Speed Quick Response Setting:

SW2/ On ( User setting): PID closed loop–quick speed response

SW2/Off (Factory setting): Open loop–Normal speed response


◆ Motor Speed Signal Output:

Connecting SPEED and COM to get pulse output F=N*P/60

F—Pulse output frequency

P—Pole number of BLDC motor

◆ Drive Alarm Output:

When drive alarm, it will break over with the port of COM and be low

level. The drive stop to work and alarm light run.


◆ Lead Wire Connection: Take care of the sequence of U,V,W


Motor Parameter set by ICAN BLDD-01 (Optional) :

◆ RS232 Communication Interface CP-in

The BLDD48-45A  BLDC motor drive support RS232 communication Protocol to set motor run-up time, etc. When choose ICAN BLDD-01 as host controller, the operating process and instruction as below:

◆ ICAN BLDD-01 Motor Setting Panel Operating Process:

Connect to CP-in (BLDD48-45A)

SW1/ Off (Factory setting)   RV—Turn Off

BLDD-01 Parameter Setting Table:

Function codeModeSetting rangeUnitFactory settingAlteration
P000Control mode00 BLDD-01 control

01 None host control

None    Panel control
P001Panel setting speed0~Rated speedRPM
P002Run-up time0.1~9.9S0.2
P003Motor pole number setting1~99Pole pairs4

00 CCW


◆ BLDD-01 Panel Setting Process:

1. Turn on the power supply, press <Set> to stop the motor

2. Press <▲> or <▼> to choose the mode you need  (Press Esc  return and motor running)

3. Press <Set> enter into parameter mode (Press Esc return and motor running)

4. Press <bldc motor controller> or <bldc motor controller> to change the parameter (flashing)

5. Press <Set> to reserve, parameter stop to flash. Press <Esc> return and motor running.


◆ Panel Protection Mode:

When the system running, panel nixie light shows Err×

Err0 represents Over-voltage or Over-temperature protection

Err1 represents Over-current protection

Err2 represents Hall sensor error protection


◆ Motor Parameter set by other host controller:

BLDD48-45A Communication Protocol (RS232)

1. Communication Interface:

Asynchronous serial communication
Baud rate:2400
Start bit:1 bit
Stop bit:1 bit
Data bit:8 bits
Even/odd parity:none
Communication interface voltage:3.3V

2.Communication Protocol:

Function1:Motor speed controlled by drive BLD-750 itself
Communication format :“i”
Instruction:send a character
Function2:Motor speed controlled by host computer
Communication format:“o”
Instruction:send a character
Function3:Motor speed set by host computer
Communication format:“v”0X00,0X00
Instruction:send a character “v” then two hexadecimal numbers
the high 16bits,the low 16 bits
Function4:run-up time
Communication format:“y“ 0X00
Instruction:send “y“ then a hexadecimal number

Safety attention:

1、The motor and drive wiring must be connected in the power-off state. Do not connect electrical wiring under power.

2、According to the illustrated method, connect the power cord, motor winding wire and Hall signal line correctly. Please pay attention to the order of UVW three-phase must be consistent.

3、Do not disassemble the drive at random to prevent damage.

4、Do not touch all terminals on power-on state.

5、Do not drive without shell operation

6、Impact of the drive may cause damage.


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