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Aufero 10W LU2-10A Laser Module for Aufero Laser Engraver (with All Aufero Machines Compatible Accessories)

27,730.00 (Inc. GST)23,500.00 (+18% GST Extra)

Specifications :

  • Model Number: ALU2-10A Laser Module
  • 10W Laser Spot: 0.05×0.1mm
  • 10W Engraving Speed: Max. 15000mm/min
  • 10W cutting plywood: 20mm plywood 20mm acrylic
  • Laser module: LU2-2/LU204 SF/LU2-4 LF/LU2-10A
  • Features: Double Laser Diode technology
  • Cooling: Dual fan cooling
  • Applicable models: OLM2 PRO S2/OLM2 S2/AL1/AL2
  • Cutting quality: Cutting Thought 15mm Plywood By One Pass!!

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More Precise Cutting & Engraving

The 4th beam combining technology with double compression spots

Engraving Speed up to 15,000mm/min

Light body only 235g
For engraving same pattern, the speed of 5W laser module can only be 10,000mm/min, but for 10w laser module, it can reach to 15,000mm/min and only comsume 80% power

Stable & Lighter 10W Laser Module

Dual-compression diode technology
The optimized cooling system ensures the stability of the laser modile for long-term operation, No power off due to overheat

Air Assist

The 10W laser module has a built -in air-assist interface, which is easy to install and simple to use.

Higher Precision

The improved mechanical structure focal spot 0.05×0.1mm
Bring delicate details at 0.01mm

Package Includes:

1 x LU2-10A Laser Module

1 x OUC Universal Adapter Board

1 x 24V 2A Power Adapter

1 x Dedicated Laser Wire

1 x Air Assist

1 x Laser Shield

1 x Thumb Screws

1 x Air Flow Regulator

1 x Slider

4  x Screw M3x5mm  (Used for AL2)

1 X Screw M3x12mm  (Used for AL1)


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