Atomstack M100 Quad Laser Module 130W With Air Assist System


  1. Brand: Atomstack
  2. Model: M100
  3. Laser Power: 20W
  4. Product Material: Aluminum 6061 Anode
  5. Housing Size: 140*65*60mm
  6. Circuit Board Size: 44*52mm
  7. Circuit Board: V/PWM Modulation Board
  8. Wire Rod: 22# 2P2.54 Terminal Reverse Wire 80mm
  9. Optical Lens: φ6/glass
  10. Fan: 24V
  11. Laser Beam Mode: Spot
  12. Working Mode: Pulse Work
  13. Light spot Size: 0.08*0.1mm
  14. Working Time: 10000H
  15. Working Temperature: 0℃~70℃
  16. Storage Temperature: -40℃~85℃
  17. Sintering Temperature: 2000~2400℃

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Available on backorder

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Atomstack M100 fits the following models:

  • X7 Pro, X7 40W
  • A10 Pro, S10 Pro
  • A5 20W, A5 30W, A5 M30, A5 Pro, A5 M40, A5 Pro+, A5 M50, A5 M50 Pro



1. Equipped with air-assisted system, which is extremely helpful for cutting and engraving.

2. It works on all Atomstack frame-mounted models, just replace your old laser module.

3. Made of aluminum, strong and durable.

4. The laser head is equipped with a goggle piece that protects the user’s eyes while preventing pets from grabbing the laser dot.

5. Upgraded high quality fixed-focus laser, no need to focus.

6. Aviation aluminum TTL driver board with cooling fan can ensure continuous long time work.

7. Engraving speed is 200% higher than other 10W lasers.

8. The laser sintering temperature is 2400 degrees, the effect of engraving metal is better.

9. The wind-collecting hood can clean the smoke and dust to protect the lens to avoid laser energy attenuation

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Package Included:

1* M100 Laser Module
1* PCB Circuit Board
1* Compatible Plate(5W series and 10W series use different adapter boards, please pay attention to the distinction)
1* Fixed Focus Plate
1* Connection Line
1* Wrench
6* Screws
1* Power Supply
1* F30 Air assist kit







Video Card





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