CNC 4540 500W Spindle Aluminium Base CNC Metal Engraving Milling Machine for Carving Cutting Wood Acrylic MDF PCB DIY Kit


  • Working Area: 450 x 400 x 90mm
  • Frame Size: 650 x 532 x 320mm
  • Accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Limit Switch: X, Y, Z (both ends)
  • Engraving Objects : Wood, 6061 Aluminum, Brass, Copper and Plexiglass, Leather, PCB, MDF, Acrylic, Resin, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, PCB, etc
  • Control Method: Computer & Offline Controller
  • Power Supply: 48V/10.4A
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/7/8/10, Linux, Mac OS
  • Control Software: GRBL Control
  • Max Speed: 5000mm/min
  • Laser is not included in this kit, but user can buy it later and install it.

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In stock

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The upgraded 3-axis 4540 engraving machine is equipped with an 500W spindle for more power and higher efficiency, making it possible to engrave metal, like 6061 aluminum, brass and copper. The maximum movement speed can reach 5000mm/min, the spindle speed range is 0-11000rpm/min. The cnc router machine has a large engraving area, increased to 430*390*90 mm (16.9*15.4*3.5inch). The working table has precise scale lines, which is convenient for you to locate and measure the engraving material size.

The CNC wood machine is compatible with GRBL software and supports systems such as Windows XP/7/10 and Mac OS. Ideal for an endless variety of drilling and carving operations on various materials, like wood, 6061 aluminum, brass, copper and plexiglass, leather, PCB, MDF, acrylic, resin, nylon, carbon fiber, PCB, etc. This CNC wood carving machine could be assembled in 15-30 minutes. The main components are already pre-assembled. Wires are clearly labeled for quick connection. The control board, power supply, emergency stop, and wires are integrated into a newly designed box for easy and safe operation. You just need several installation steps and wiring to start carving your projects. Everything you need is included in the box. Our engraving machine has all of the accessories and components you need at an affordable price, including 4540 CNC machine, integrated controller box, touchscreen CNC offline controller, Z-probe, CNC router bits, an English manual, and more.


milling machine

500W High Power Spindle: The maximum no-load speed can reach 11000rpm/min makes it possible to engraving metal, like aluminum, brass, copper and silver, of course it can carving other material like wood, plexiglass, leather, PCB, MDF, acrylic, resin, nylon, carbon fiber, PCB, etc.

cnc router machine

Upgrade Your CNC: If you are an experienced CNC enthusiast looking for an upgrade, you can add a module kit to the 4540CNC, making it more powerful. With this module, it can absolutely give you different ways to unleash your creativity.

LCD Display

Touchscreen LCD Display:  Comes with a 2.8″ Touchscreen LCD Display that’s easy to read and use.

cnc controller

Please Note

As shown in the diagram, when the status display bar shows “? ?”, it indicates that the offline machine cannot recognize the status of the control panel at this time, you need to press the reset button of the CNC machine control panel, and then restart the offline controller.

offline controller

Offline Controller

With the offline controller, you can control your CNC without connecting to a computer. Easily load your projects onto the included SD card and have them ready to go without the need of a dedicated computer (about more details, please see the user manual).

cnc milling machine

Easy to Assemble: The module of XYZ axis and wires dramatically reduces the effort of assembly, allowing you to start carving your projects in less time.

4540 CNC Metal Engraving Milling Machine User Manual

Packing List: 

1 x 4540 CNC Metal Engraving Milling Machine for Carving Cutting Wood Acrylic MDF PCB with 500W Spindle DIY Kit (Aluminium base )



1. Q: Can this carve Bronze or Aluminium blocks, or it can just engrave Stainless Steel?

A: Yes, it can carve metals, Depth per pass and feed rate will need to be adjusted for different metal. We recommend depth per pass of 0.1mm and feed rate of 120mm/min for stainless steel, depth per pass of 1mm and feed rate of 300mm/min for wood. The lower the speed, the more stable the work. Note: When engraving metals, the temperature of the metal will be extremely high due to the huge friction between the milling cutter and the metal, so please keep adding lubricating oil during engraving process.
2. Q: I am a New to CNC, what should I do to start an engraving project with this router machine?

A: We provide a free control software Candle grbl which is fine to start and get it going. It’s then personal choice afterwards what you go to, Easel is fairly simple but loads of options. Fusion 360 is good but is expensive. Please note that the Candle is just a control software, can only read G-code files, does not support design pictures. So, we need to use other software to design images and make G-code files, Most of our customers use Easel to design G-code file and then use Candle or UGS to control the machine.
3. Q: Once I create Gcode in Easel, do I transfer them to the controller with a usb drive/sd card?

A: Yes, you can run the file in Candle, or transfer the file to a usb drive/sd card and run it in the controller.
4. Q: Is this product good for a total beginner?

A: We recommend professionals to buy this machine, the new starter is not recommended. The CNC itself is not a problem, it’s the software part that’s the difficulty. You can go to YouTube to learn a lot of the basics. It takes more patience, but worth it.







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