JXTC Wind Direction Sensor RS485 5V Aluminum Alloy (Waterproof & Industrial)


  1. Communication Protocol: RS485, which allows for reliable data transmission over long distances.
  2. Material: Constructed from durable aluminium alloy, providing resistance to corrosion and environmental wear.
  3. Wind Direction Measurement: Accurately detects wind direction with a specified degree of precision.
  4. Interface: Equipped with RS485 interface for seamless integration with various monitoring systems and devices.
  5. Operating Range: Capable of functioning within a specified temperature and humidity range, ensuring reliability in different environmental conditions.
  6. Mounting: Designed for easy installation on poles, masts, or other suitable structures.
  7. Calibration: This may require periodic calibration to maintain accuracy over time.
  8. Power Supply: Typically powered by a low-voltage power source suitable for the intended application.
  9. Output: Provides digital output compatible with RS485 communication standards.
  10. Protection: Offers protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, and other potential electrical hazards.
  11. Resolution: Specifies the minimum detectable change in wind direction.
  12. Accuracy: Indicates the degree of precision in measuring wind direction, typically expressed in degrees.
  13. Dimensions: Provides dimensions and weight for proper installation and handling.

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Introducing our RS485 Wind Direction Sensor crafted from durable aluminum alloy. This state-of-the-art sensor is designed to accurately measure wind direction with precision and reliability. Equipped with RS485 communication interface, it offers seamless integration with various systems for data transmission and monitoring.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, this sensor is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-term durability and consistent performance. Its robust construction makes it ideal for outdoor installations in diverse environments.

With its advanced technology and sturdy build, our RS485 Wind Direction Sensor is the perfect choice for applications requiring accurate wind direction measurement, such as meteorological monitoring stations, environmental research projects, and industrial automation systems.

Trust in our sensor to deliver reliable wind direction data, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your operations with confidence.


  1. Weather Monitoring Stations: These sensors can be utilized in weather monitoring stations to accurately measure wind direction. The RS485 communication protocol allows for reliable data transmission over long distances, making it suitable for installations in remote or inaccessible areas.
  2. Marine Navigation: In maritime applications, RS485 wind direction sensors can be installed on ships, buoys, or offshore platforms to provide crucial wind direction information for navigation and safety purposes.
  3. Agricultural Automation: In agriculture, wind direction data is valuable for activities such as crop spraying, ventilation control in greenhouses, and optimizing windbreak designs. RS485 sensors can facilitate integration with automated agricultural systems for improved efficiency.
  4. Industrial Monitoring: Industries such as mining, construction, and manufacturing often require real-time environmental data, including wind direction, for safety and operational purposes. RS485 wind direction sensors can be integrated into industrial monitoring systems to provide this essential information.
  5. HVAC Systems: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems benefit from accurate wind direction measurements for optimizing airflow and energy efficiency. RS485 sensors can be incorporated into HVAC control systems for enhanced performance.
  6. Environmental Monitoring: RS485 wind direction sensors can be deployed in environmental monitoring networks to assess air quality, pollution dispersion, and atmospheric conditions in urban or rural areas.
  7. Renewable Energy: Wind energy farms rely on precise wind direction data for optimal turbine positioning and power generation. RS485 sensors can contribute to the efficient operation of wind farms by providing continuous monitoring of wind direction.
  8. Aviation: Airports and aviation facilities utilize wind direction data for runway operations, aircraft takeoff, and landing procedures. RS485 sensors can be deployed on airport premises to provide accurate and timely wind information to air traffic control systems.
  9. Research and Education: RS485 wind direction sensors can be used in educational institutions and research facilities for studying meteorology, climatology, and atmospheric dynamics. These sensors enable students and researchers to collect and analyze wind data for various academic purposes.

Package include:

1 x RS485 wind direction sensor aluminum alloy.







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