USB male socket to PH2.54 Female terminal adapter cable 188.83 (Inc. GST)
160.03 (+18% GST Extra)
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USB Female socket to open terminal adapter cable

Specifications :

  • Usb type : 4 pin
  • Terminal type : open terminal

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188.83 (Inc. GST)
160.03 (+18% GST Extra)

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Only 2 left in stock

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The USB Female Socket to Open Terminal Adapter Cable is a versatile connector designed to interface USB devices with open-ended terminals for easy wiring. This adapter features a standard USB Type-A female socket on one end and open terminal wires on the other. It provides a flexible solution for connecting USB devices to custom circuits, power sources, or experimental setups without the need for soldering or additional connectors.


  1. Prototyping and Development: Ideal for developers and electronics enthusiasts needing to connect USB devices to breadboards, prototypes, or custom circuits using direct wiring.
  2. Testing and Debugging: Facilitates quick and straightforward connections for testing and debugging USB devices with various hardware setups, making it easier to diagnose and troubleshoot issues.
  3. Power Supply: Allows for the provision of power from a USB port to a variety of devices, components, or modules through open terminals, accommodating custom power distribution needs.
  4. Embedded Systems: Useful in embedded system projects where USB connectivity is required for data transfer, power, or peripheral communication, enabling direct wiring to specific components or modules.
  5. Education and Experimentation: A valuable tool for educational purposes, allowing students and educators to explore USB interfacing, connectivity, and wiring in a hands-on manner.
  6. Custom Projects and DIY: Perfect for DIY projects and custom electronics where USB connectivity needs to be adapted to unique configurations or non-standard wiring requirements, providing maximum flexibility and ease of integration.

Package Includes:

1 x  USB Female socket to open terminal adapter cable



Dimensions 20 × 14.5 cm


Dimensions 20 × 14.5 cm


Dimensions 20 × 14.5 cm


Dimensions 20 × 14.5 cm


Dimensions 20 × 14.5 cm

Video Card

Dimensions 20 × 14.5 cm


Dimensions 20 × 14.5 cm


Dimensions 20 × 14.5 cm


Dimensions 20 × 14.5 cm


Dimensions 20 × 14.5 cm

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