TE1508 Black (Pack Of 100 Pcs) for 2×1.5 Sqmm Wire Gauge Insulated Cord End Terminal Lugs


  • Material: High Conductivity Copper
  • Purity: >99.9%
  • Insulation: Nylon 66
  • RoHS: Yes
  • Bootlace Ferrules or Cord End Terminals
  • Temp Range: -40˚C to +105˚C
SKU: RDNA-588.1

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In stock

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Standard Length End Sleeves are manufactured from tin plated electrolytic copper.  Ideal to reinforce the fine wire strands when terminating a cable into a connector block. Suitable for tri-rated cables.  These are metal tubes with a colour-coded insulating collar, usually made of nylon or plastic, which are crimped over a stranded wire to make a reliable connection with screw or spring clamps.

Special type of crimping pliers used for this.

The video only for better understanding of product usage, make & sizes are as per available. 

How are they used?

A wire or cable is stripped to the same length as the terminal and pushed into the correct size ferrule through the collar so that the ends of the wire are flush with the end of the tube. A suitable size cable crimping tool is then used to crimp the metal tube to the wire.

Why are they used?

When the end of a multi strand wire is placed under a screw terminal the strands of the wire will fan out as the screw is tightened. In extreme cases of over-tightening the screw can even sever some of the strands of the wire. This can reduce the quality of the electrical connection and could lead to shorts. Using a bootlace crimp with all the strands captured in the ferrule tube makes for a reliable connection, that is also easier to remove and reinstall without damage to the wire ends.

Where are they used?

Bootlace Ferrules are used mainly in applications to improve connection reliability such as circuit breakers, control panels and boxes, or larger consumer units in multi occupancy buildings. As the use of this type of crimp is often on equipment that falls outside BS7671, the exclusions in Section 110.2 would cover many of the commercial and industrial applications where these crimps are usually installed. EN 60204-1, covering the electrical safety of machines, however where consistency of control responses is a part of the standard does make a good case for their use.

Another name given to these components is Cord End Terminals. While this is obviously an American term you will find it used here as well. The ferrules supplied by Total Connections are to DIN46288 part 4 and meet French and German specifications where the colour coding on the collars refers to cable size. Reading around the industry forums many electricians regard the use of bootlace ferrules as an essential part of doing a professional long-lasting job.

Paking List: 

1 x Insulated Cord End Terminal Lug Black for 1.5mm Sqmm Wire Gauge – 100 Pcs







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