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TB6600 Stepper Motor Drivers 4A 9-42V Micro Step CNC 1 Axis

649.00 (Including GST)

550.00 ( + 99.00 GST)


  • DC 9-42V power supply, 12-24V power supply the best
  • Control signal input voltage 3.3-24V 
  • Segmentation accuracy 1-32 subdivision optional
  • Output peak current 4.0A
  • Input signal high-speed optocoupler isolation
  • Built-in temperature protection and over-current protection
  • Automatic half-flow to reduce heat

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TB6600 stepper motor driver provides maximum 4.0A output current. TB6600 comes with output sort-circuit protection, Low-Pressure shut-off, Overheating parking and over-current protection.

Electrical environment:

cooling method Natural cooling or forced air cooling.
  occasion Do not place it near other hot equipment. Avoid dust, oil, corrosive gas,   excessive humidity and strong earthquakes. Do not use combustible gas or conductive dust.
  humidity 40-90%RH
  shock 10-55Hz/0.15mm

  Save the temperature

  weight 0.15KG


Subdivision settings:

  • Set the pulse with 1, 2 and 3 DIP switches as follows:
SubdivisionPulse / circle S1 S2 S3
 1 200 ON ON OFF
 2/A 400 ON OFF ON
 2/B 400 OFF ON ON
 4 800 ON OFF OFF
 8 1600 OFF ON OFF
 16 3200 OFF OFF ON
 32 6400 OFF OFF OFF


Current setting:

  • Use 4, 5, and 6 DIP switches to set the running current as follows:
Average current Peak current S4 S5 S6
 0.5 0.7 ON ON ON
 1.0 1.2 ON OFF ON
 1.5 1.7 ON ON OFF
 2.0 2.2 ON OFF OFF
 2.5 2.7 OFF ON ON
 2.8 2.9 OFF OFF ON
 3.0 3.2 OFF ON OFF
 3.5 4.0 OFF OFF OFF







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