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Servo Motor ESC Tester

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  1. Offer 3 modes to check servos or ESC
  2. Supply voltage: 4.8V-6.0V
  3. Output Signal: 1.5ms±0.5ms
  4. Three mode selection [Manual, Neutral and Auto]
  5. Enclosure Box
  6. Mode selection LED Indicator
  7. Adjustable Knob for manual speed control
  8. Operating Temperature Range: -40~+85°C
  9. The Manual Mode allows you to turn the knob to different speeds and check the reaction time
  10. The Neutral mode makes the servo go back to the neutral point
  11. The Automatic ’’Window Wiper’’ Mode makes the servo swing like a window wiper in the largest angle possible
  12. Connect to up to 3 servos simultaneously.

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A smart little servo tester can be used to test servo motor, ESC, and also to determine motor direction. Tests up to 3 servos at the same time.

The device also can be used as a signal generator for an electric speed controller (ESC), for testing your motor system without using a transmitter and receiver.

Digital Multi Servo Tester ESC RC Consistency CCPM Master Speed Control

It has three operation modes:

  1. Automatic mode:- Operates servos to their endpoint and back “window wiper” make the servo swing like window wipers in the biggest angle
  2. Manual mode:- Turn the knob with different speed, check the reaction time
  3. Neutral / Center mode: Centers servos to their neutral position Ideal for when setting servos up in a model

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