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Pixhawk Passive Buzzer and Switch

619.50 (Including GST)

525.00 ( + 94.50 GST)


  1. The volume of about 50 dB.
  2. Interface: 1.25-2P plug.
  3. Adopts E-Switch red light switch.
  4. Length: 250mm .
  5. Switch mounting hole diameter 8mm.
  6. The same version with 3DR official version.

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Pixhawk Passive Buzzer and Switch buzzer have two main products one is the passive buzzer and the other is Flight Controller E-Switch. The Passive buzzer has a JST-SH connector on one side that plugs directly into the Pixhawk.

Once connected you will be able to hear different sounds that relate to different modes!

The Pixhawk Flight Controller E-Switch Module enables you to arm/disarm your board at a moment’s notice. This comes with a three-position JST-SH connector.

Package Includes :

1 x Pixhawk Flight Controller E-Switch Module.

1 x Pixhawk Passive Buzzer with a connector


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