PC817 8 Channel Optocoupler Isolation Board DC


  1. Optocouplers:
    • Type: PC817
    • Channels: 8
    • Isolation Voltage: 5000 Vrms
    • Input LED Forward Voltage: 1.2V (typical), 1.4V (max)
    • Input LED Forward Current: 20 mA (typical)
  2. Input Specifications:
    • Input Voltage: 3.3V to 24V DC (varies based on design, often adjustable)
    • Input Current: Depends on the input voltage and the series resistor used with the optocoupler’s LED
  3. Output Specifications:
    • Output Type: Transistor (open collector)
    • Collector-Emitter Voltage: 80V (max)
    • Collector Current: 50 mA (max)
  4. Board Specifications:
    • Dimensions: Varies by manufacturer, typically around 60mm x 100mm
    • PCB Material: FR4
    • Mounting Holes: Typically 4, one in each corner
    • Terminal Blocks: Screw type, 5mm pitch
    • Power Supply: Varies, typically 5V DC or separate power for input and output sides
  5. Performance:
    • Response Time: 4 µs (typical)
    • Temperature Range: -30°C to 100°C (storage), -30°C to 85°C (operating)
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The image you provided appears to be an 8-channel optocoupler isolation board, specifically using PC817 optocouplers. These boards are commonly used in electronics projects to provide electrical isolation between different parts of a circuit.


  • Microcontroller Interfacing: Protects microcontrollers from high voltages by isolating the input signals.
  • Signal Isolation: Used to isolate different parts of a circuit to prevent noise or interference.
  • Industrial Automation: Commonly used in industrial control systems to interface different voltage levels safely.
  • Relay Control: This can be used to control relays without directly connecting the control signal to the high-voltage side.

Example Connections:

  • Inputs: Connect the input signals (e.g., from sensors or other low-voltage devices) to the IN1 to IN8 terminals.
  • Outputs: The outputs can be connected to relays, microcontroller pins, or other control circuitry that requires isolation from the input signals.
  • Power Supply: Ensure the board is powered appropriately, following the specifications for voltage and current.

Package Include:

1 x PC817 8-Channel Optocoupler Isolation Board DC.







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