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MINI CC3D GPS Flight Controller

1,144.60 (Including GST)

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  1. Wire length 15cmCustomized for CC3D Revolution, Mini CC3D Revolution and Nano Revolution flight controllers
  2.  OEM internal Ublox 7 series chip core
  3. Super mini size
  4. Great for racing multirotor
  5. OP GPS suitable for CC3D Series, the plug is CC3D Original

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This is all new MINI CC3D GPS Flight Controller Revolution Flight Controller. Well, multi-rotor components just keep getting smaller as this OP GPS shows. It’s the super mini size and weight means it’s ideal for 250 sized multi-rotors.

This GPS is customized specifically for the CC3D Revolution, Mini CC3D Revolution and Nano Revolution flight controllers.


  • To avoid insufficient power supply, please connect with BEC at the same time when a power supply this GPS.
  • Because of the supermini size, there is no LED on the GPS, so you’d better use it with OSD. Due to the supermini size, this GPS module does not support lengthy flights.
Pin Configuration:
Black to GND.
Red to +5V.
Blue to TX.
Orange to RX.

Package Includes:

1 x MINI CC3D GPS Flight Controller.


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