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LT-626 Transparent Quick Connection Terminal

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  1. Model: LT-626T
  2. Shell Color: Transparent
  3. Cable Range: 0.8-6.0mm²
  4. Stripping Length: 11-12mm
  5. Rated Voltage: 450V
  6. Rated Current: 35A

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LT-626T named split type butt connector or compact splicing connectors, which can be described as wire terminals and connectors for electrical installation,LT-626T mating sub-line connector is  which can realize the direct docking of Neutral and live wires on the opposite side ; LT-626 universal terminal can connect single strand / multi hook stranded wire and thin multi strand wire 0.08-6mm2, which can easily solve the connection trouble and unsafe hidden danger of different wire diameters and different types of wires, and realize the docking and branching functions of Neutral and live wires on the same terminal, improve the wiring efficiency and increase the safety ; LT-624 sub-line terminal has its own electric measuring hole. After wiring, the electric measuring pen can be used to check whether it has been safely connected. If there is something wrong, the wiring can be repeated by ultra simple operation (open the operating handle, pull out insert the wire, press the operating handle

Technical parameters

  • Rated voltage: 250 / 600V
  • Rated current :35A
  • Withstand voltage: 4KV
  • Applicable wire diameter: 0.08-6.0mm2 single / multi strand soft and hard wire
  • Stripping length: 12mm
  • Color: Transparent

Package Includes:

1 x LT-626 Transparent Quick Connection Terminal


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