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48v-60v 1000w-1200w Ebike Controller

3,840.00 (Inc. GST)3,000.00 (+28% GST Extra)


  • Voltage: 48V – 60V
  • Current : 40 +- A.
  • Power : 1000w – 1200w
  • Brake : High /Low

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If you have been looking for a Brushless DC Controller for a 48v-60V 1000w-1200W motor, then your search ends here. Get a high-standard controller for your electric bike at the best price at This Controller is one of the most important parts of your E-Bike.

E-bikes generally combine both pedal-assist sensors as well as a throttle. Some electric bikes have an electric motor that operates on a power-on-demand basis only. In this case, the electric motor is engaged and operated manually using a throttle, which is usually on the hand-grip just like the ones on a motorbike or scooter.

DC Motors are popularly known as scooter motors or general application motors. It is extremely durable and reliable. It’s commonly found in 60V scooters or even small kiddies carts and it’s also been a proven motor in robotics. The E-bike controller is the brain of the e-bikes. It is connected to all the other electronic parts such as the battery, motor, and throttle if it exists. It takes all the inputs from all the other components and determines what should be signaled to them in return.

Package Inculde:

  • 1 x Kechuang 48v-60v 1000w-1200w Ebike Controller


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