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JKBLD120 Brushless DC Motor Driver

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  • Environment temperature :  -10℃- 50℃
  • Input voltage : +12~+30V DC
  • output Current: 30A(<3s)  Rated speed 8A, Maximum Current moment 30A(<3S)
  • Suitable motor speed : 0-20000rpm
  • Hall sensor voltage : 4.5V-6.5V
  • External Potentiometer: 10KΩ
  • Support Motor: Brushless DC Motor less of 120w

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JKBLD120 brushless dc driver is suit the following 3 phase BLDC Motor driver since wavve power is 120W brushless dc motor speed regulation, can provide an external potentiometer control, external analog control, PC (such as PLC, SCM) PWM speed regulation, and other functions. At the same time the driver have large starting torque, quick start and brake, and positive & negative switching, combination of manual and automatic control.

Electrical Specifications:

Hall effect angle120°/240°
Power supply input voltage122430V
Driver current output/58A
Motor speed0/20000rpm
Hall signal voltage4.555.5V
Hall signal current/20/mA
External potentiometer/10K/Ω


Connection Definition:

DC+/DC-Power supply input  (DC12V~DC30V)don’t make mistake for + and –
U,V,WMotor leading wires connect  thick wires
Hu,Hv,HwHall signal leading wire connect     (thin wires Hu, Hv, Hw)
REF+Hall power supply + (for motor hall input +5V)
REF-Hall power supply – ( hall ground connect this port)
VCCExternal potentiometer power supply port  ( just can use for potentiometer, can’t for other external circuits)
SVExternal potentiometer terminal ( See note speed regulation )
COMcommon port ( Low level )

Note 1: F/R and COM disconnect the motor forward, closed for reversal. EN closed with COM for running, disconnect for standby. BRK and COM side closed to run, disconnect for the brake. When using BRK control, shorter EN received COM port, when using EN control, shorter BRK received COM port.

Mechanical Size:

bldc motor driver

Speed regulation way (see instructions):

A. the internal potentiometer RV can be used for motor speed adjustment
B. the external potentiometer can be used for motor speed adjustment
C. the external analog input voltage can be used for motor speed adjustment
D. the external PWM input can be used for motor speed adjustment: pulse duty ratio from 10% to 90%
Linear speed adjustment, pulse frequency, 1 k – 10 KHZ, pulse amplitude: 5V

Wiring note: note that the sequence of wiring UVW three-phase motor and sale of hall signal lines and the connection sequence of the power cord

power parameter setting:

Note: to prevent electric pilot time to super power operation and damage Motor, please according to the above numerical combined with electrical power Properly set.Great changes have taken place when the load and lead to electricity Actual operation power more than setting will go into the drive Protected mode.


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