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JK2M2283 2 Phase 150V-220V AC 8A 110mm 130mm NEMA42/52 Motor StepperEngine Driver

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  • Current: 2.0A – 8.3A
  • Voltage: 150VAC – 220VAC
  • Matched Models: Nema42-52 Stepping Motor
  • Industrial Grade

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Motor controller 2 Phase 150V-220V 8A 110mm 130mm NEMA42/52 Motor Stepper Engine Driver

JK2M2283 is to use the perspective of constant torque subdivided type high-performance stepper motor drives, for 130 mm and 110 mm, 8 a two phase, four phase hybrid stepping motors.The driver adopted similar servo control principle of the circuit, the circuit has stable operation, low noise, low vibration, low motor temperature rise, etc.

Due to the high working voltage, drive torque motor in high speed greatly higher than the other two phase, four phase hybrid and traditional stepper motor.Its micro step has 16 kinds of segment, the maximum fine fraction 1/256 step (step 51200 / roll);The scope of its working current of 2.0 A – 8.3 A, output current, A total of 16 file current resolution of about 0.4 A;With automatic flow, self-check, over-voltage, under-voltage and over-current protection function.

This drive for the ac power supply, it is recommended that the operating voltage range is 150 vac – 220 vac, voltage does not exceed 240 vac is not lower than 130 vac.


  • High-performance, low price
  • micro-step
  • Automatic idle-current reduction
  • Optical isolating signal I/O
  • Max response frequency up to 200Kpps
  • Low temperature rise, smooth motion
  • Online adaptive PID technology


Suitable for all kinds of small and medium sized automation equipment and instruments, such as: engraving machine, marking machine, cutting machine, laser lighting, plotter, cnc machine, automatic assembly equipment, etc. It use very well in the equipment that user expects small noise, and high peed


Electrical indicators:

Input Voltage(AC)150220VAC
Output current08.3A
Pulse Signal Frequency0200KHZ
Logic Signal Current71016MA
Using environment and parameters:
Cooling methodNatural cooling or forced air cooling
Using environmentoccasionCan not be placed next to other heating equipment, should avoid dust, oil mist, corrosive gas, too big humidity and strong vibration place, prohibit to have combustible gas and conductive dust
temperature-5℃ ~ +50℃
humidity40 ~ 90%RH
Storage temperature-20℃~80℃
Using altitudeBelow 1000 metres
WeightAbout 1.7kg



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