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Grove Dust Sensor Air Quality

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  • Model :PPD42NS
  • Detectable particle size approx. :1μm (minimum.)
  • Detectable range of concentration: 0~28,000 pcs/liter (0~8,000pcs/0.01 CF=283ml)
  • Supply Voltage: DC5V +/- 10% (CN1:Pin1=GND, Pin3=+5V)
  • Ripple Voltage within 30mV
  • Operating Temperature Range 0~45°C
  • Operating Humidity Range :95%rh or less (without dew condensation)
  • Power consumption :90mA
  • Storage temperature: -30~60°C
  • Time for stabilization :1 minute after power turned on
  • Output Method Negative: Logic, Digital output,
  • Hi : over 4.0V(Rev.2) Lo : under 0.7V
    (As Input impedance : 200kΩ) OP-Amp output, Pull-up resistor : 10kΩ

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This sensor is to create Digital (Lo Pulse) output to Particulate Matters(PM). Lo Pulse Occupancy time (LPO time) is in proportion to PM concentration. The output from “P1” is for PM whose size is around 1 micro meter
or larger

Datasheet available here.


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