Favourite FVT LittleBee 20A-S ESC BLHeli_S OPTO 2-6S Supports Mulitshot Oneshot42 OneShot125


  • Input Voltage : 3-5S Lipo battery
  • Constant Current : 20A
  • Peak Current : 25A (8s)
  • BEC Ouput : No
  • Firmware : BLHELI_S
  • Protocol : Dshot600/Dshot300/Dshot150, Oneshot125/Oneshot42 MultiShot


SKU: RDNA-528.2

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The Favourite FVT LittleBee 20A-S ESC is a cutting-edge electronic speed controller designed for multirotor and drone enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance and reliability. It incorporates the BLHeli_S firmware and OPTO (Optically isolated) technology, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from racing drones to aerial photography platforms. Here’s a detailed description of its features:

Key Features:

  1. High Amperage Rating: The LittleBee 20A-S ESC is capable of handling continuous currents of up to 20A, making it suitable for various sizes and types of multirotors, including quadcopters, hexacopters, and more.
  2. Voltage Compatibility: This ESC is compatible with a wide voltage range, supporting 2S to 6S LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery configurations. This versatility allows it to be used in different setups.
  3. BLHeli_S Firmware: The BLHeli_S firmware is renowned for its high performance and efficiency. It provides rapid and precise motor control, resulting in smoother and more stable flight characteristics. This firmware also supports features like Damped Light and Active Braking.
  4. OPTO (Optically Isolated) Technology: OPTO technology means that this ESC doesn’t have a built-in Battery Elimination Circuit (BEC). Instead, it provides optically isolated control, which helps prevent potential interference or voltage spikes from affecting your flight controller and other sensitive components.
  5. Supports Multiple Protocols: The LittleBee 20A-S ESC is compatible with various communication protocols, including MultiShot, OneShot42, and OneShot125. These protocols enable rapid communication between the flight controller and ESC, enhancing response times and overall flight performance.
  6. Compact and Lightweight: The ESC’s compact and lightweight design ensures easy integration into your drone’s frame without adding unnecessary weight, crucial for maintaining agility and flight efficiency.
  7. Advanced Protection Features: It includes protection mechanisms such as over-temperature protection, over-current protection, and low-voltage cutoff. These safety features help prevent damage to the ESC and connected components.
  8. Easy Installation: The ESC comes with pre-soldered motor and power leads, simplifying the installation process. It also includes heat shrink tubing for added protection.
  9. Quality Components: Favourite FVT is known for using high-quality components in its ESCs, enhancing their durability and reliability.


The Favourite FVT LittleBee 20A-S ESC is widely used in the following applications:

  • FPV Racing Drones: It’s a popular choice among FPV racing enthusiasts due to its rapid response times and compatibility with high-voltage batteries.
  • Aerial Photography and Cinematography Drones: Its reliability and performance make it suitable for capturing smooth and stable aerial footage.
  • Custom DIY Drone Builds: Hobbyists and DIY drone builders often choose this ESC for its versatility and compatibility with various configurations.

Package Includes:

1 x Favourite FVT LittleBee 20A-S ESC BLHeli_S OPTO 2-6S Supports Mulitshot Oneshot42 OneShot125







Video Card





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