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8 Mhz Crystal Oscillator (2 Pcs)


  • Frequency: 8MHz
  • Frequency Tolerance: ±10 ppm (parts per million) or better
  • Frequency Stability: Typically within ±10 ppm over the operating temperature range
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C (industrial) or -20°C to +70°C (commercial)
  • Supply Voltage: Typically 3.3V or 5V
  • Output Waveform: Square wave
  • Output Load: Typically 15 pF (can vary)
  • Output Logic: CMOS or TTL compatible
  • Output Voltage Level: Typically around supply voltage
  • Start-up Time: Typically a few milliseconds
  • Aging: Typically ±5 ppm per year or better
  • Package Type: Various surface mount or through-hole packages (such as HC-49/U)
  • Phase Noise: Low phase noise performance, suitable for various applications
  • Drive Level: Typically 100 µW or more
  • Rise/Fall Time: Fast rise/fall times suitable for high-speed applications
  • Shock Resistance: Resistant to mechanical shocks and vibrations
  • RoHS Compliance: Lead-free and RoHS compliant
SKU: RDNA-122.1

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The 8 MHz Crystal Oscillator, supplied as a set of 2 pieces, provides precise timing signals for electronic circuits and systems. These crystal oscillators are essential components in various applications such as microcontrollers, communication devices, and timing circuits.

Operating at a frequency of 8 MHz, these crystal oscillators offer stable and accurate clock signals, ensuring reliable performance of the connected electronic devices. With their compact size and standardized design, they are easy to integrate into circuit boards and other electronic assemblies.

The crystal oscillators are typically housed in metal or ceramic packages, providing protection from environmental factors and ensuring durability in demanding operating conditions. Their low power consumption makes them suitable for battery-powered devices as well.

Ideal for hobbyist projects, prototyping, and industrial applications alike, the 8 MHz Crystal Oscillator set offers reliable timing solutions for a wide range of electronic projects and systems.

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  7. Frequency Synthesis
  8. Data Converters
  9. RF Modulation
  10. Sensor Networks

Package Includes:

2 x HC49/S 8MHz Crystal Oscillator.







Video Card





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