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4 Axis USB CNC Machine Controller Interface Board CNC USB USBCNC Substitute MACH3 4-axis motion control board

5,310.00 (Inc. GST)4,500.00 (+18% GST Extra)

Specifications :

  • Compatible in windows 7/8/10.
  • Support auto-zero
  • The driven shaft automatically adjusts to zero
  • Support automatic knife
  • Support emergency stop input
  • Support limit switch access

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The interface board has been revised many times, now is very stable and reliable without external power supply, increase the 5V regulated power supply module, using active crystal, won’t appear software dropped, step motor step off, notebook battery can also be normal work.Use 40 foot row insert single chip microcomputer, maintenance and replacement.


  1. You can run on XP Vista, Wind ows, or 7Wind ows PC 8 (32 bit or 64 bit Windows / laptop USB interface (2.x version))
  2. Can be used in the market pulse / direction stepper motor and servo motor drive
  3. Output input as the highest performance buffer
  4. Advanced interpolation algorithm
  5. Can start, stop, pause and resume your computer on the execution of the program
  6. G RS274/NGC code (EMC2 compliant)
  7. Supports advanced G- code – G40, G41, G42 (tool radius compensation)
  8. Advanced G- code – G43, G49 (tool length compensation)
  9. Support for advanced G code – G54, G59.3 (origin of coordinate system)
  10. Supports 4 axis and 3 axis G code
  11. You can import the tool path from the DXF file
  12. You can import the tool path from the PLT / HPGL file
  13. You can import the tool path from the image file
  14. You can use the numerical control drill tool path file
  15. Tool path simulation
  16. Advanced tool for the exchange program

User Guide

  • When the computer is connected to the control panel, 4 groups of registration letters will pop up, copy the letters or download the registration machine to register by yourself.
  • Click Here 

Package Includes :

1 x 4 Axis USB CNC Machine Controller Interface Board


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