22mm 2No2NC Metal Mushroom Head Emergency Stop Push Switch F Rotary


  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Configuration: 2 Normally Open (2NO) and 2 Normally Closed (2NC)
  • Head Material: Metal
  • Head Shape: Mushroom
  • Function: Emergency Stop
  • Mounting: Push Switch
  • Operation: Push to Stop
  • Contact Material: (Specify contact material if available)
  • Enclosure Material: Metal
  • Voltage Rating: (Specify voltage rating if applicable)
  • Current Rating: (Specify current rating if applicable)
  • IP Rating: (Specify IP rating for ingress protection)
  • Certifications: (Specify any certifications or standards compliance)
SKU: RDNA-35.12

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This 22mm Emergency Stop Push Switch features a metal mushroom head and is designed to provide safety in various industrial settings. It is equipped with 2 normally open (NO) and 2 normally closed (NC) contacts, allowing for versatile usage depending on the application requirements. The metal mushroom head ensures durability and reliability, making it suitable for harsh environments. This switch is crucial for swiftly halting machinery or processes in emergency situations, prioritizing the safety of operators and equipment. With a 22mm diameter, it can be easily integrated into control panels or machinery for convenient access during emergencies.


    1. Industrial Machinery: It can be used as an emergency stop button in manufacturing plants and factories to quickly shut down machinery in case of emergencies or malfunctions, ensuring worker safety.
    2. Automotive: In automotive manufacturing and repair facilities, this switch can serve as an emergency shut-off for machinery and equipment, preventing accidents during maintenance or operational mishaps.
    3. Medical Equipment: It can be integrated into medical devices and equipment to provide a quick means of stopping operations in critical situations, safeguarding patient well-being.
    4. Process Control: In industrial process control systems, this switch can act as a safety measure to halt operations in case of overloads, leaks, or other hazardous conditions, preventing damage to equipment and ensuring process integrity.
    5. Energy Sector: Within power plants or electrical substations, this switch can serve as an emergency stop for various equipment, helping to prevent accidents and minimize the risk of electrical hazards.
    6. Maritime Applications: On ships and offshore platforms, the switch can be utilized as an emergency stop mechanism for machinery and equipment, enhancing safety measures in maritime operations.
    7. Agricultural Machinery: In agricultural settings, such as farms or greenhouses, this switch can be used to quickly stop machinery like tractors or irrigation systems in case of emergencies, reducing the risk of injury to operators.
    8. Building Automation: Within building management systems, this switch can be integrated to provide emergency shut-off capabilities for HVAC systems, elevators, or other critical building functions, enhancing occupant safety.
    9. Security Systems: It can also be incorporated into security systems as a panic button, allowing individuals to quickly alert authorities in emergency situations, such as intrusion or threat scenarios.
    10. Transportation: In transportation applications, such as railways or airports, this switch can be installed as an emergency stop for trains, conveyor belts, or other transport systems, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring passenger safety.

    Package include:

    1 x 22mm 2No2NC Metal Mushroom Head Emergency Stop Push Switch F Rotary







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