22mm 2NC Plastic Head Emergency Stop Push Switch F Rotary

Specification :

    1. Diameter: 22mm
    2. Configuration: 2 Normally Closed (2NC)
    3. Head Material: Plastic
    4. Function: Emergency Stop
    5. Application: Rotary
    6. Mounting: Push Switch
    7. Operation: Push to Stop
    8. Contact Material: (Specify contact material if available)
    9. Enclosure Material: Plastic
    10. Voltage Rating: (Specify voltage rating if applicable)
    11. Current Rating: (Specify current rating if applicable)
    12. IP Rating: (Specify IP rating for ingress protection)
    13. Certifications: (Specify any certifications or standards compliance)
SKU: RDNA-346.6

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This 22mm Emergency Stop Push Switch is designed for rotary applications and features a plastic head. It is equipped with 2 normally closed (NC) contacts, ensuring the circuit is closed under normal conditions but will open when the switch is activated. The plastic head provides durability and ease of operation, making it suitable for various industrial environments. This switch is essential for quickly stopping rotary machinery or processes in emergency situations, ensuring the safety of operators and equipment. With a diameter of 22mm, it can be easily integrated into control panels or machinery for convenient access during emergencies.


  • Industrial Machinery: Used as an emergency stop switch in manufacturing plants, conveyor systems, and industrial equipment to quickly shut down operations in case of emergencies.
  • Automotive: Integrated into vehicles and machinery to provide a reliable emergency stop mechanism for drivers or operators to prevent accidents or malfunctions.
  • Robotics: Incorporated into robotic systems to enable operators to halt robotic movements instantly in hazardous situations, ensuring personnel safety.
  • Medical Equipment: Employed in medical devices and equipment to provide a failsafe emergency stop function, safeguarding patients and medical professionals during critical procedures.
  • Marine and Offshore: Installed on ships, offshore platforms, and marine equipment to serve as a reliable emergency stop switch in harsh maritime environments.
  • Process Control: Utilized in control panels and systems for industrial processes to provide operators with a quick and effective means of halting operations in emergency situations.
  • Energy Sector: Integrated into power generation, transmission, and distribution equipment to ensure the safety of personnel and prevent equipment damage in case of emergencies.
  • Transportation: Incorporated into railway systems, airplanes, and other modes of transportation to provide passengers and operators with a means to stop operations in emergencies.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Used in food processing plants and beverage production facilities to ensure the safety of workers and prevent accidents during operation.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Employed in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes to provide a failsafe mechanism for halting operations and ensuring product quality and personnel safety.

Package include:

1 x 22mm 2NC Plastic Head Emergency Stop Push Switch F Rotary







Video Card





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