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ZVS 2000W Induction Heating Kit

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  1. Input voltage: DC 30V–60V
  2. Input current: 48A (Max), Power: 2000W.
  3. Short Circuit/Overload: Input current is greater than 40A, voltage greater than 55V, enter protection.
  4. Temperature protection: Heatsink temperature higher than 65 °C, enter protection. under 65 °C back to normal.
  5. Under voltage protection: Input voltage is less than 20V, enter protection. Input voltage up to 24V back to normal.
  6. Power tube broken/short circuit, display MOS-XX.

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Only iron can be heated directly. Other metal materials need graphite crucible.
Copper pipe and water pipe connections, the need to seal to prevent water leakage.
Please installed the copper coil and water pump, then connect the power supply. (can not empty load)

Connections as follows:

Dimension: 300 x 140 x 120mm
Copper tube coil: 55mm
Colour: red + black
Material: PCB

Package Contents:
1 x Induction heating plate
1 x Spiral copper tube
1 x Water pipe
1 x Mini water pump
1 x adapter


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