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2 Pin 2.8mm Electrical Wire Connector – Male Female Cable Terminal Plug with Crimp Pins for E-Bikes (2 Pairs)

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  • 2.8mm Electrical Wire Connector Plug & Wire Splice Crimp Terminal Spade Connectors.
  • Color: White+Gold.
  • Material: Copper + Nylon
  • Easy to Use Just put the crimps in the tool and press them, make the crimp the insulation are all the way toward the wire,2.8 mm terminal for cable diameter up to 2.0 mm.
  • Electrical Cable Connector Plug Can be used to connect internal wiring for cars, moped, quad bike, tricycle, caravan, motorcycles, scooters, boat, snowmobile, etc

Package Content:

2 x 2-way male & female plug housing, Male & female crimp pin terminal.


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