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2-IN-1 Raspberry Pi Dual TF / SD Card Switcher Adapter

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  1. Designed for Raspberry Pi B+/2/3/Zero.
  2. Dual micro SD card slot with the switch.
  3. Support 2 systems for the board.
  4. Suitable for most cases that have TF/SD card slot.
  5. Enables the use of two operating systems on the same Pi without needing to remove/swap the micro SD cards.
  6. Dimension: 36mm(length) x 24mm(width).

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Have you ever wanted to use two different operating systems with the same Pi at the flick of a switch? Well, now you can do it. This 2-IN-1 Raspberry Pi Dual TF / SD Card Switcher Adapter is a micro SD card switcher, specially designed for the Raspberry Pi to serve the purpose. You can now enjoy the convenience of using two micro SD cards at the same time on the same Pi!

To use this adapter and transfer between your operating systems, simply insert two micro SD cards with your desired Operating Systems (For example, Raspbain OS and Ubuntu) into the adaptor one on top and one of the bottom SD card Slots.

Connect and play with a micro slide switch to change the system instead of changing 2 different micro TF cards, simplify your operation. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B \ 2B \ Pi zero \ Zero W.

How to use:

  1. Insert two different SD card in Dual card TF adapter when it is not connected to pi or Pi is in power-off mode
  2. Plug the Adapter into Raspberry pi SD card Slot
  3. Power on the Raspberry Pi and start using one of two OS
  4. To switch the SD card, First power off the Pi then toggle the switch on the adapter and then power it Again.

Package Includes:

1 x 2-IN-1 Raspberry Pi Dual TF / SD Card Switcher Adapter.


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