8mm Push Button Switch Silver Color Waterproof 103.00 (Inc. GST)
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16mm 2No Metal Head Emergency Stop Push Switch F Rotary 271.00 (Inc. GST)
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16mm 1NC Plastic head Emergency stop push switch f Rotary

Specification :

  • Size: 16mm
  • Configuration: 1NC (Normally Closed)
  • Head Material: Plastic
  • Function: Emergency Stop
  • Application: Rotary
  • Mounting: Push Switch
  • Operation: Push to Stop
  • Contact Type: Normally Closed
  • Enclosure Material: Plastic
  • Voltage Rating: (Specify voltage rating if applicable)
  • Current Rating: (Specify current rating if applicable)
  • IP Rating: (Specify IP rating for ingress protection)
  • Certifications: (Specify any certifications or standards compliance)
SKU: RDNA-349.8

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This 16mm 1NC Plastic Head Emergency Stop Push Switch is designed for rotary applications. Its primary function is to provide a quick and decisive means to halt machinery or processes in emergency situations. The switch features a durable plastic head, ensuring longevity and reliability in various industrial environments. The 1NC (normally closed) configuration signifies that the switch is in a closed state under normal conditions, but it opens when activated, interrupting the circuit and triggering the emergency stop sequence. With its compact 16mm size, it can be easily integrated into control panels or machinery, offering a crucial safety measure for operators and equipment alike.


  1. Industrial Machinery Safety: Used to quickly halt machinery in emergencies, preventing accidents.
  2. Automated Systems: Ensures immediate shutdown in case of malfunctions in robotics and CNC machines.
  3. Medical Equipment: Provides a safety mechanism to stop equipment during emergencies, reducing risks.
  4. Transportation: Vital for safety in trains, buses, and elevators, especially in outdoor or exposed environments.
  5. Power Plants: Integrated into control panels to shut down equipment during emergencies or abnormal conditions.
  6. Process Control: Ensures safety in industrial processes by stopping operations during hazardous situations.
  7. Marine Applications: Suitable for boats, ships, and offshore platforms due to its waterproof design.
  8. Food Processing: Withstands washdown procedures in food processing plants without compromising safety.
  9. Security Systems: Acts as an emergency stop mechanism in access control panels and security systems.
  10. Automotive Industry: Used in manufacturing plants and assembly lines to prevent accidents and injuries to workers.

Package include:

1 x 16mm 1NC Plastic head Emergency stop push switch f Rotary







Video Card





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