12V 5Amp Nextgen Power Adapter


  • Make : Nextgen
  • Output Voltage: 12V.
  • Output Current: 5A.
  • Wattage : 60W
  • Warranty of 6Months
  • DC Jack Connector.
  • Input Voltage: AC Voltage.
  • Output voltage : DC Voltage
  • Compatible with : PC , Cameras
  • Color : Black

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In stock

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The 12V 5A Nextgen Power Adapter is a robust and efficient power source designed to meet the energy needs of a variety of electronic devices. This adapter is equipped with key features that ensure stable power delivery and versatility.

  1. Voltage and Amperage: This power adapter provides a steady 12 volts (12V) of direct current (DC) electricity and has a current output capacity of 5 amperes (5A). This combination of voltage and amperage is suitable for powering a wide range of electronics, from small gadgets to larger devices.
  2. Plug-and-Play Convenience: The adapter is designed for user-friendly operation. It comes with a compatible plug or connector that can easily be inserted into the device or socket, allowing for hassle-free setup.
  3. Stable Output: The power supply offers a consistent and stable DC output, reducing the risk of voltage fluctuations that could potentially harm sensitive electronic components.
  4. Overload and Short-Circuit Protection: To safeguard both the adapter and the connected devices, it is equipped with protection mechanisms against overloading and short-circuits. This feature helps prevent damage caused by excessive current or sudden electrical faults.
  5. Compact and Portable: With its compact design, this power adapter is easy to transport and suitable for use in various locations. It’s an excellent choice for both home and travel use.
  6. Compatibility: The 12V 5A Nextgen Power Adapter is compatible with a wide array of devices, including routers, LED lighting systems, CCTV cameras, small appliances, and more.


The 12V 5A Nextgen Power Adapter is a versatile power supply solution suitable for numerous applications:

  1. Home Electronics: It is perfect for powering various home electronics like routers, modems, gaming consoles, and home automation devices.
  2. CCTV and Surveillance Systems: This adapter can be used to power security cameras and surveillance equipment, ensuring continuous monitoring and recording.
  3. LED Lighting: LED lighting systems in homes, offices, or retail spaces can benefit from this adapter for reliable and energy-efficient illumination.
  4. DIY Electronics Projects: Hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts can use this adapter for their DIY projects that require a stable 12V power source.
  5. Medical Devices: Some medical devices, such as certain types of therapy equipment and monitors, may be powered by adapters like this one.
  6. Industrial Applications: In industrial settings, it can be used to power control panels, sensors, and various automation components.
  7. Office Equipment: Printers, scanners, and other office equipment can be powered by this adapter to ensure uninterrupted workflow.
  8. Audio-Visual Equipment: It can also support audio-visual equipment such as amplifiers, mixers, and projectors, ensuring high-quality performance during presentations or events.

Package Include:

1 x 12V 5Amp Nextgen Power Adapter







Video Card





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