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XY2500 4PIN Right Angle Connector Male-Female Pair

29.50 (Including GST)

25.00 ( + 4.50 GST)


  •  XY2500 Male Right Angle + Female Right Angle Connector Set
  • Can work with up to 2.5 sq. mm
  • Pitch: 5.08mm
  • Current Rating: 12A @ 250V AC
  • Wire Cage: Brass(Nickel Plated) or Steel(Zinc Plated)

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A terminal block connector is a component made of a plastic housing with metal holdings for connecting the wire to the Circuit. A terminal block consists of modular housing with an insulated body that secures two or more wires together. They are ideal for designs requiring secure, well-organized, and semi-permanent wire connections that can be easily swapped out for inspection or repair in the field.
There various types of terminal blocks that can be used in a design. These are some of the most common:

1.Pcb mount is known as a wire-to-board terminal block. it works by inserting a bare wire into the module where a clamp secures the wire and then the module is solder to PCB in common footprint,
2.Barrier strip has a screw-down terminal where spade is attached to a wire and then inserted onto the screw and tightened into housing,
3.Feed-through terminal block also known as wire to wire connector. it has one input and one output contact where 2 distinct wires are fed into the opposite side of the housing.


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