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XY2500 4PIN Right Angle Connector Male-Female Pair

29.50 (Including GST)

25.00 ( + 4.50 GST)


  •  XY2500 Male Right Angle + Female Right Angle Connector Set
  • Can work with up to 2.5 sq. mm
  • Pitch: 5.08mm
  • Current Rating: 12A @ 250V AC
  • Wire Cage: Brass(Nickel Plated) or Steel(Zinc Plated)

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This is a suitable connector pair for the Board to Wire connectors in various industrial as well other electronics products. This comes from a  Pluggable Terminal Family. This Female Connector has a screw to tighten the wire in it before it can be plugged into the male connector soldered on the board. It provides as easy way to plug the connections, without removing any wires from the connector, because the wires are secured with screw in the female connector. It has one of the best quality being from the  Pluggable Terminal series.


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