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Wemos TTGO Xi 8F328P-U Board For Arduino Nano V3.0 Promini

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  1. It comes with USB and is more convenient to use.
  2. The 8F328D can be powered by 3V3 and 5V, operating at 16M frequencies with excellent levels of compatibility.
  3. Built-in high precision RC, without external crystal oscillator, can be stable operation.
  4. Less peripheral parts, simple circuit design.
  5. 12 bit ADC (analog to digital conversion)
  6. Bring DAC
  7. Own GUID (unique ID) can be used for chip program encryption
  8. Comes with an internal 1.024V/2.048V/4.096V + 1% calibration reference voltage source.

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TTGO XI is a development board. Comes with USB chip, you can directly connect to the computer burning program. You can use’s IDE to develop (you need your own installation support). The development environment is recommended, and the LGT support package can be installed directly in the development board manager.

Package Includes:

1 x Wemos TTGO Xi 8F328P-U Board

2 x Berg Pins


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