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  1. Model Name : FY-B10
  2. Mini. Working Voltage: DC 5V
  3. Working Voltage: DC 5V~24V
  4. Flow Rate Range: 2~50L/min
  5. Water pressure :1.75mpa

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Water flow sensors are installed at the water source or pipes to measure the rate of flow of water and calculate the amount of water flowed through the pipe. Rate of flow of water is measured as liters per hour or cubic meters.

Water flow sensor consists of a valve from which water can pass. A water rotor along with a hall effect sensor is present the sense and measure the water flow.

When water flows through the valve it rotates the rotor. By this, the change can be observed in the speed of the motor. This change is calculated as output as a pulse signal by the hall effect sensor. Thus, the rate of flow of water can be measured.

The main working principle behind the working of this sensor is the Hall effect. According to this principle, in this sensor, a voltage difference is induced in the conductor due to the rotation of the rotor. This induced voltage difference is transverse to the electric current.

When the moving fan is rotated due to the flow of water, it rotates the rotor which induces the voltage. This induced voltage is measured by the hall effect sensor and displayed on the LCD display.

The water flow sensor can be used with hot waters, cold waters, warm waters, clean water, and dirty water also. These sensors are available in different diameters, with different flow rate ranges

These sensors can be easily interfaced with microcontrollers like Arduino. For this, an Arduino microcontroller board for processing, a Hall effect water flow sensor, a 16×2 LCD display, and Breadboard connecting wires are required. The sensor is placed at the water source inlet or at the opening of the pipe.

The sensor contains three wires. Red wire to connect with supply voltage. Black wire to connect to ground and a yellow wire to collect output from Hall effect sensor


  1. Compact, Easy to Install
  2. High Sealing Performance
  3. High Quality Hall Effect Sensor
  4. RoHS Compliant



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