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Total Solar Radiation Sensor JXBS-3001-ZFS

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  • Power supply: 9 – 24 DC
  • Maximum power consumption: ≤0.15W
  • Operating temperature: -40~80℃
  • Resolution: 1 mg/kg(mg/L)
  • Precision: ±2%FS
  • Response time: ≤1S
  • Probe material: 316 stainless steel
  • Sealing material: Black flame-retardant epoxy resin
  • Default cable length: 2 meters, cable length can be customized
  • Output signal: RS485
  • Responding speed : ≤ 5s

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JXBS-3001-ZFS Total Solar Radiation Sensor (Transmitter) is a sensor that can be usedtomeasuretotalsolar radiation with a spectral range of 0.3-3μm. If the sensing surface is facing down tomeasurereflectedradiation, a shading ring can also measure scattering radiation. The core device of the radiation sensor is a high-precision photosensitive element, whichhasgoodstability and high precision. At the same time, a quartz glass cover milled by precisionoptical coldprocessing is installed outside the sensing element, which effectively prevents environmental factorsfromaffecting its performance. This product can be widely used in meteorology, energy, agriculture, constructionand other fields.

RS485 0-1000W/m2 Pyranometer Total Solar Radiation Sensor for Weather station

Product size and installation instructions

  1. Ensure that the mounting bracket is parallel to the ground;
  2.  Use M6 screws and nuts to fix the sensor on the cross arm through the 2 mountingholesonthesensor;
  3. Avoid disassembling the sensor during installation.
  4.  Unscrew the protective cover above the sensor during use. In order to protect thesensor, theprotective cover above the sensor should be tightened when not in use or during transportation

Total Solar Radiation Calibration Certificate

Instruction Manual

Packing List: 

1 x Total Solar Radiation Sensor JXBS-3001-ZFS


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