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SUNKKO HB-70B Red Welding Pen with O-Type Interface

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  • Easy to use
  • Color: Red
  • Two connectors
  • Easy to handle
  • It does not require any filler metals and gases for joining the metal pieces
  • It is easy to join the metals using this type of welding process
  • It does not require any high skilled labor or technicians

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Spot welding works by applying pressure and heat to the weld area using copper alloy electrodes. These electrodes transport an electrical current through the weld segments. As the material melts the parts are fused. At this point, the current is turned off and pressure from the electrodes is upheld, Spot welding is useful in many circumstances, although there are certain limitations. It can create only localized joins, which may not be particularly strong. The strength of a spot weld depends on the force and temperature that has been applied and on the cleanliness of the electrodes and metal.

A spot welder works by releasing a pulse (or two) of high current through two leads. The leads should be touching the material, let’s assume Nickel, to be welded. The high current heats up the Nickel beyond it’s melting point and once cooled, the metal surfaces are welded together

Spot welding involves three stages; the first stage which involves the electrodes being brought to the surface of the metal and applying a slight amount of pressure. The current from the electrodes is then applied briefly.

Parameter :

  1. Electrode Force
  2. Squeeze Time
  3. Weld or Heat Time
  4. Hold Time
  5. Weld Current

Power Battery Packs HB-70B Spot Welder Spot Welding High Power Spot Welding Pen

Packages Includes:

1 x SUNKKO HB-70B Red Power Battery Spot Welder Spot Welding High Power Spot Welding Pen


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