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Solder Welding Paste Flux XG-Z40 10CC Mechanic Needle Soldering Glue

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Specifications :

  1. Model: XG-Z40
  2. Viscosity: 1 (Pa . S)
  3. Particle size: 25-45 (um)
  4. Alloy composition: Tin
  5. Activity: low
  6. Type: Lead
  7. Cleaning angle: Plane
  8. Melting point: 183 ° C
  9. Category: Solder paste
  10. Operating temperature: 183 ℃
  11. Application: BGA chip planting


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Needle Solder Welding Flux Paste XG-Z40 10CC Repair Services Industry. Needle Solder Flux Paste XG-Z40 10CC Repair Soldering Welding Accessories.


1. New technical support, unique chemical formula to provide excellent wettability, to ensure high reliability.

2. The use of high-performance thixotropic agents, can effectively prevent the printing and preheating collapse, special flux to ensure good printing and fine patterns.

3. More advanced insulation technology, long lasting, not easy to dry, sticky time up to 48 hours.

4. High-quality, unique formula, good performance, easy welding, bright and full solder, no weld, false welding and so on.

5. The residue is colorless and transparent, does not affect the detection, no-clean and excellent cleaning performance.

6. Great wettability, strong anti-dry, long shelf life at room temperature.

7. Suitable for the mobile phone repair industry, computer digital repair industry, high precision SMT board welding, BGA welding process, etc.


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