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SMD Inductor Test Clip Probe Tweezers for Resistor Multimeter Capacitor

295.00 (Including GST)

250.00 ( + 45.00 GST)

Specifications :

  1. Colour : RED BLACK
  2. Item Weight : 49.0 grams
  3. Total Length: 605mm
  4. Part Name : Test Probe

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  • This device connects to your multimeter and measures SMD LCR components such as resistors, capacitors, etc. It is an ideal tool for electronic work
  • With the safety pressure to 250V, the user can use the test pen single-hand operation of multi-function test.
  • The most suitable for precision circuit board line survey, micro-capacitance measurement, especially for the technology of excellent and more sophisticated chip capacitance measurement
  • Universal multimeter connections.


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