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37 in 1 Sensors Kit compatible with Arduino


  1. For beginners who are interested in Arduino
  2. A complete set of Arduino’s most common and useful electronic components
  3. Infrared sensor receiving module
  4. Laser sensor module
  5. Temperature and humidity sensor module
  6. Infrared sensor module
  7. 5v relay module
  8. Obstacle avoidance sensor module.

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In stock

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This 37 in 1 Sensor Kit compatible with Arduino is supplied with a variety of sensors that are compatible with Arduino Boards. This is the most complete performance starter kit with all the essential Arduino sensors.

With this 37 in 1 ultimate package, you can do almost all the experiments you can think of, never need to worry about again you don’t have proper materials. This does save you a lot of time, so you just need to focus on your project, be more creative, and make some amazing projects.

Package Includes:

  1. 1 x Small passive buzzer module KY-006
  2. 1 x 2-color LED module KY-011
  3. 1 x Hit sensor module KY-031
  4. 1 x Vibration switch module KY-002
  5. 1 x Photoresistor module KY-018
  6. 1 x Key switch module KY-004
  7. 1 x Tilt switch module KY-020
  8.  1 x 3-color full-color LED SMD modules KY-009
  9. 1 x Infrared emission sensor module KY-005
  10. 1 x 3-color LED module KY-016
  11. 1 x Mercury open optical module KY-017
  12. 1 x Yin Yi 2-color LED module 3MM KY-029
  13. 1 x Active buzzer module KY-012
  14. 1 x Temperature sensor module KY-013
  15. 1 x Automatic flashing colorful LED module KY-034
  16. 1 x Mini magnetic reed modules KY-021
  17. 1 x Hall magnetic sensor module KY-003
  18. 1 x Infrared sensor receiver module KY-022
  19. 1 x Class Bihor magnetic sensor KY-035
  20. 1 x Magic light cup module KY-027
  21. 1 x Rotary encoder module KY-040
  22. 1 x Optical broken module KY-010
  23. 1 x Detect the heartbeat module KY-039
  24. 1 x Reed module KY-025
  25. 1 x Obstacle avoidance sensor module KY-032
  26. 1 x Hunt sensor module KY-033
  27. 1 x Microphone sound sensor module KY-038
  28. 1 x Laser sensor module KY-008
  29. 1 x 5V relay module KY-019
  30. 1 x Temperature sensor module KY-001
  31. 1 x Temperature sensor module KY-028
  32. 1 x Linear magnetic Hall sensors KY-024
  33. 1 x Flame sensor module KY-026
  34. 1 x Sensitive microphone sensor module KY-037
  35. 1 x Temperature and humidity sensor module KY-015
  36. 1 x XY-axis joystick module KY•023
  37. 1 x Metal touch sensor module KY-036
  38. 1 x Box








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