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RJ45 CAT5E 1.5M Ethernet Patch LAN Cable

35.40 (Including GST)

30.00 ( + 5.40 GST)


  1. UTP pure copper
  2. Solid core 568B
  3. EIA/TIA TSB-40A ETL Verified
  4. Moulded Strain Relief
  5. Category 6
  6. Cable Lenght: 3m

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RJ45 CAT6 Ethernet Patch LAN Cable is utilized to interface one system gadget to other system gadgets or to associate at least two PCs to share printer, scanner and so forth. Distinctive sorts of system links (Patch/Crossover) are utilized relying on the system’s topology, convention, and size.

Quality Cat6 cables are suitable for any home networking application. It can be used for connecting computers, Xbox 360 or any Ethernet-enabled device to your broadband router or Ethernet switch. Also recommended for HDMI extenders. Heavier gauge pure copper wires. High-Performance Cat6, 24 AWG, RJ45 Ethernet Patch Cable provides universal connectivity for LAN network components such as PCs, computer servers, printers, routers, switch boxes, network media players, NAS, VoIP phones, PoE devices, and more.


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