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RGB 5050 5V LED Board 7 Colors with DIP Switch

148.68 (Including GST)

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  1. Seven colors are selectable
  2. Input Voltage: 4-6V DC, 5V BEC
  3. Size: 47 x 10mm.
  4. Weight: 5 gm.

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This is RGB 5050 5V LED Board 7 Colors with DIP Switch. It is designed for the Multi-rotors & FPV Quad-rotors with BEC power or any other 4-6V power source.  It comes with three RGB5050 LEDs & one code switch.

Seven colors are selectable using the code switches. This LED board gives an eye-catching effect to your multi-rotors or planes.

Selectable Colours & Power:

B ON =Blue,   0.35W, 0.03A
R ON =Red,    0.35W, 0.03A
G ON =Green,    0.35W, 0.03A
B+R =Purple,     0.70W, 0.06A
B+G =Cyan,      0.70W, 0.06A
R+G =Yellow,     0.70W, 0.06A
B+R+G =White,    1.05W, 0.09A

Package Includes :

1 x RGB 5050 5V LED Board.
1 x Cable 30 cm.


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