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Readytosky 80A ESC 2-6S Brushless ESC Speed Controller for RC Drone

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  1. Model: Readytosky 80A ESC.
  2. Burst Current: 100A.
  3. Constant Current: 80 A.
  4. BEC: 5A/5V.
  5. Suitable Batteries: 2~6S LiPoly.
  6. Throttle signal refresh rate (Hz): 50 ~ 432.

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  1. Security power function: When the power is turned on, regardless of the throttle stick at any position will not start the motor immediately to prevent personal injury;
  2. Throttle range calibrated function: to adapt the throttle differences between different strokes, improve the linearity of throttle response.
  3. programmed project (available throttle stick or card LED parameter settings):
    1. Brake setting: No brake / with brake.
    2. Battery Type: Lithium battery / NiMH.
    3. Low Voltage Protection Mode: Soft Shutdown / hard off.
    4. Low Voltage Protection Threshold: low / medium / high.
    5. start mode: Normal / Soft / Super-soft and start.
    6. Timing: low / medium / high.
    7. Restore factory defaults.
  4. Comprehensive protection features:
    1. Under-voltage protection: the program set by the user when the battery voltage is below the protection threshold, ESC automatically reduces the output power;
    2. Overvoltage Protection: input voltage exceeds the input range are not allowed to start, automatic protection, also issued a hasty “beep” Warning ;
    3. Overheat protection: built-in temperature detection circuit that automatically reduces the output power ESC temperature is too high;
    4. Remote signal loss protection: remote control signal is lost for 1 second to reduce the power, and then have two seconds to turn off without the remote control signal output


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