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M18 8mm Proximity Sensor Inductive Type (PNP)

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  1. Supply Voltage: 5 to 30 VDC
  2. Output Type: PNP-NO
  3. Sensing Distance: 8mm
  4. Load: 300 mA
  5. Red LED checks the state of the proximity sensor
  6. High repeated positioning accuracy
  7. High switching frequency
  8. Wide voltage range
  9. Antivibration, dust, water and oil prevention
  10. Reverse power protection, short circuit protection, directly connecting with PLC
  11. Can replace small switches and limit switches

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This Tube Type Inductive Proximity Sensor Detection Switch PNP DC5-36V 8mm Normally Open switch LJ12A3-4-Z/BX is a component widely used in the automatic control industry for detecting, controlling, and non-contact switching. When the proximity switch is close to some target object, it will send out a control signal. When the metal approaches near-proximity switch sensing area, an Edy Current is induced in metal. Which in turn disturbs the magnetic field produced by the Inductive Proximity Sensor. This change is sensed by the sensor.

This inductive proximity switches can be non-contact, no pressure, no spark, quickly issued the electrical command. Accurately reflect the position and stroke movement mechanism. Positioning accuracy, operating frequency, service life. Easy to install and suitable for harsh environments. This 8mm proximity sensor can detect a variety of metals, miniature size, long life, low price, shielded type installation, anti-interference ability, 1mm detection distance, using for precise positioning of molds, precision machine tools, and robots.



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