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  • In-Circuit-Debugging with MPLAB® IDE
  • Debug in the application circuit
  • Supported Device Families:
      • PIC10F
      • PIC12F
      • PIC16F
      • PIC18F
      • PIC24
      • dsPIC30, dsPIC33
  • All PICkit 2 units are Debug Express Capable

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PICkit is a family of programmers for PIC microcontrollers made by Microchip Technology. They are used to program and debug microcontrollers, as well as program EEPROM. Some models also feature logic analyzer and serial communications (UART) tool.

The most notable difference between the two is that the PICkit 2 has a separate programmer/debugger unit which plugs into the board carrying the chip to be programmed, whereas the PICkit 1 was a single unit. This makes it possible to use the programmer with a custom circuit board via an in-circuit serial programming (ICSP) header. This feature is not intended for so-called “production” programming, however.

The PICkit 2 uses an internal PIC18F2550 with FullSpeed USB. The latest PICkit 2 firmware allows the user to program and debug most of the 8 and 16 bit PICmicro and dsPIC members of the Microchip product line.

The PICkit 2 is open to the public, including its hardware schematic, firmware source code (in C language) and application programs (in C# language). End users and third parties can easily modify both the hardware and software for enhanced features. e.g. Linux version of PICkit 2 application software, DOS style CMD support, etc.

The PICkit2 has a programmer-to-go (PTG) feature, which can download the hex file and programming instructions into on-board memory (128 KB I²C EEPROM or 256 KB I²C EEPROM), so that no PC is required at the end application.

The Microchip version of PICkit 2 has a standard 128 KB memory. 256 KB memory can be achieved by modifying the hardware or from third party clones.

Additionally, a 500 kHz three-channel logic analyser and a UART tool are built into the PICkit 2. These features are missing from the PICkit 3.

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Programmer Application:

  • Programs all current 8-, 16-, and 32-bit Flash PIC® microcontrollers.
  • Easy to use with MPLAB® IDE and other development environments.
  • Programmer-To-Go: Set up a PICkit 2 to program a device without the need for a PC.
  • Includes the UART Tool and Logic Tool microcontroller development utilities

Package List: 

  1. PICKIT 2 Programmer
  2. Mini USB Cable
  3. Jumper Wire



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