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PCT-224(SPL-4) Quick, Connection Terminal

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  1. Model: PCT-224(SPL-4)
  2. Rated Voltage:400 V
  3. Rated Current:32 A
  4. Color:Gray+orange

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The PCT series compact splicing connectors make the connecting easily save time and money in distribution boxes or junction boxes. With the compact body, we can make connecting possible to be done in the narrow space and enable the high wiring density.

This is a PCT-224(SPL-4) 0.08-4mm2 4 Pole Wire Connector Terminal Block with Spring Lock Lever for Cable Connection.PCT Spring Lever Connector package contains a compact locking wire connector by a spring lever, which is used for single-strand hardwire with 0.08mm to 4mm2 area or soft wire with 0.08mm to 4.0mm2 area (or AWG28 to AWG12). This connector can tolerate the rated voltage up to 400V with an electric current peak of 32A. And the Strip length of the connector is about 9-10mm.

These connectors are available with different optional models, different sizes, and No. pole on which cables are locked as below Click on it to buy according to your requirement.


  1. High-grade Insulative Nylon Material
  2. Strong Spring Locking Lever
  3. Nickel Plated Metal Point Inside
  4. Good Temperature Resistance
  5. Compact Splicing Connector
  6. 4-Conductor Terminal Block
  7. With Operating Levers
  8. Max. Continuous Service Temperature 85°C

Package Includes:

1 xPCT-224(SPL-4) Quick, Connection Terminal


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