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AC 220V 200mg Ozone Generator Tube For DIY Water Treatment Air Purifier Kit

424.80 (Including GST)

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  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • High ozone concentrations, double-sealed, shock, leak ozone.
  • Thin lines connect to power supply, thick line connect to ozone tube.
  • Apply to ozone generators, household water purification equipment, air purifier, disinfection cabinet, oxygen bar, dehumidifier, refrigerator, drinking fountains, and other household appliances.

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Its sub part of AC220V 500mg Ozone Generator Ozone Water Air Clean Sterilizer Ozonizer Purifier DIY Kit.

Because of its relatively short half-life, ozone is always generated on-site by an ozone generator. The two main principles of ozone generation are UV-light and corona-discharge. Ozone generation by corona-discharge is most common nowadays and has most advantages. Advantages of the corona-discharge method are greater sustainability of the unit, higher ozone production and higher cost affectivity.

PZC Series Corona Systems - Ozone & Advanced Oxidation Systems

Voltage: AC 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: ≤10W
Ozone: 200mg/h
Dimensions: As pictures shown (approx)
Color: White & Silver
Quantity: 1 set


UV-light can be feasible where production of small amounts of ozone is desired (e.g. laboratories)/ This chapter will concentrate only on the first mentioned principle. An ozone production unit with corona-discharge consists of the following parts: oxygen source, dust filters, gas dryers, ozone generators, contacting units and torch destruction.

In the ozone generator, the corona-discharge element is present, which provides a capacitive load. In here ozone is produced from oxygen as a direct result of electrical discharge. This corona-discharge ruptures the stable oxygen molecule and forms two oxygen radicals. These radicals can combine with oxygen molecules to form ozone. To control and maintain the electrical discharge, a di-electric is present, carried out in ceramic or glass. The excessive heat of the electrodes is often cooled by cooling water, or by air (figure 1)

For the production of ozone, ambient air can be used (supplied by a compressor) or pure oxygen (supplied by an oxygen generator, or sometimes by oxygen bottles). To condition this air, air dryers and dust filters are used.

To break down the remaining ozone after use, ozone destructors are applied. The mechanism of an ozone destructor can be based on different principles. Usually a catalyst is applied, which accelerates the decomposition of ozone into oxygen (e.g. magnesium oxide).

The generation of ozone is very energy-intensive, with some 90 % of the power supplied to the generator being utilized to produce light, sound and primary heat. Important factors that influence ozone generation are: oxygen concentration inlet gas, humidity and purity of inlet gas, cooling water temperature and electrical parameters. To minimize the energy that is used at a high ozone yield, it is important that these factors are optimal.


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